Ako neko seki te turkovic upita

The prince stared with wonder, while the owl, ako neko seki te turkovic upita his huge round eyes, and erecting his horns, proceeded. Many years since, I accompanied my father to these parts on a tour of his estates, and we sojourned in that cave; and thus became I acquainted with the mystery. It is a tradition in our family which I have heard from my grandfather, when I was yet but a very little owlet, that this armor belonged to a Moorish magician, who took refuge in this cavern when Toledo was captured by the Christians, and died here, leaving his steed and weapons under a mystic spell, never to be used but by a Moslem, and by him only from ako neko seki te turkovic upita to mid-day. In that interval, whoever uses them will overthrow every opponent. Enough, let us seek this cave. exclaimed Ahmed. Guided by his legendary mentor, the prince found the cavern, which was in one of the wildest recesses of those rocky cliffs which rise around Toledo; none but the mousing eye of an owl or an antiquary could have discovered the entrance to it.
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